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  • Who We Are

    YnK Sports is a sports management agency specializing in female volleyball players' representation.

    Founded in 2012 in Switzerland, the agency operates mostly in EU and international parquets.

    YnK's qualified and experienced recruitment team understands the demanding market of women's volleyball and through the years has developed a detailed portfolio with a broad geographical range of top notch professional volleyball athletes.



  • Our Mission

    YnK's mission is to successfully bring together talented and experienced women players with volleyball clubs and help the players make the right choices for their professional growth.


    Contract negotiation, athletes' promotion and legal care are the core priorities in order to help players achieve their personal goals as well as perform on highest potential.


  • Our Experience

    Since 2012 YnK Sports has being establishing strategic partnerships with scouters & agencies in some of the leading European leagues (French, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Swiss, etc) and collaborating successfully with women clubs in national and international level by providing them advisory services and seeking the ideal solutions to their requirements.



YnK Sports Agency GmbH

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Baarerstrasse 54, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland

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